Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation


Bryan is the current Chair of the Long Island State Park Commission, first appointed in December of 2008. He was reappointed in June of 2021 for a second seven-year term. In January of 2022, Bryan was named Acting Chair of the New York State Council of Parks.

Bryan has a master's degree from Cornell University in International Trade and Finance. He was selected by President Obama in 2010 to run the Trade Advocacy Center, to facilitate US Government advocacy on behalf of US exporters. While Director, Bryan advanced US commercial interests by leading 177 successful campaigns resulting in $199.7B in new business for US companies, supporting 1 million US jobs. He also drafted and facilitated Executive Order 13630, establishing an Interagency Task force on Commercial Advocacy, signed by President Obama on December 6, 2012. He has spent much of his career promoting the growth of exports of U.S. goods and services around the world.

A long-time advocate for State Parks, Bryan hails from the North Fork of Long Island where he and his wife, Danielle, are raising two daughters and a stuffed lemur, Coco.