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While New York City is famous for its people, Broadway shows, sports and tourist sites, it has also become home to several outstanding state parks.

Riverbank State Park, located in Manhattan, offers incredible views along the Hudson River and serves as a great place for year-round recreational enjoyment. Its 28-acres include a ice and roller rink, indoor pool, gymnasium, waterfront amphitheater, 400-meter, eight-lane running track, indoor theater, playing fields, playgrounds, picnic areas and the Totally Kid Carousel, created by Milo Mottola and 37 children, whose designs were used to create the ride.

Roberto Clemente State Park, located along the Harlem River in the Bronx, offers year-round programs of sports and athletics, cultural and creative arts and gardening to New Yorkers from the immediate community and throughout the city, as well as a wonderful playground courtesy of Saturn. Clay Pit Ponds Preserve, on Staten Island, is one of the few areas within the city that allows horseback riding and has a beautiful new Interpretive Center. East River State Park located on the Brooklyn waterfront has thrilling views of the lower Manhattan skyline while Gantry Plaza State Park offers equaly stunning views of Manhattan from the Queens waterfront.  Visitors can enjoy a host of free concerts, films and festivals from these waterfront locations.

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