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Grant Workshops Announcement

Consolidated Funding Application Workshops: May 7, 2014 – June 2, 2014.
Visit http://regionalcouncils.ny.gov for the CFA Workshop Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions gathered from workshop participants.

New for the 2014 application round: We have recorded informational webinars for each of our grant programs available through the Consolidated Funding Application: Parks, Historic Preservation, and Heritage Areas System.

The Consolidated Funding Application is the system to be used to apply for OPRHP's Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) Municipal Grant program. The link to the Governor's website and the CFA is provided below. Attachments are required to be submitted by the deadline in order to be eligible for these grants. Those items are provided in the checklist. Templates are provided below for your use for a number of the required documents.

The deadline for submission is 4:00 p.m. Monday June 16, 2014.

Grant program questions can be directed to your regional grant administrator.

CFA system and process questions should be directed to the regional economic development contact for your region.

The Consolidated Funding Application is available through http://regionalcouncils.ny.gov.

Grant Program Information



Long Term Protections

If a grant is awarded, acquisition and/or development projects require the willingness of the property owner(s) to apply long term protections to the property via a Conservation Easement, Preservation Covenant or Public Access Covenant recorded against the property deed(s), or be subject to State Alienation Law (as discussed in The Handbook on the Alienation and Conversion of Municipal Parkland. Boilerplates for each type of long term protection are provided below:

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